Sunday, August 26, 2007

A swim in lake Ontario

We celebrated the closure of the loop by having a refreshing swim in lake Ontario.

It was special to have Breanna with us for the loop closure.

Entering lake Ontario

When we entered lake Ontario, we officially finished the loop, as we had done lake Ontario before.
In total we traveled 9278 nm during the last three years.
(a nm is 1.852 km for a total of 17178 km)
That is a lot of boating!!!!

Feedin the ducks

The ducks really appreciated having Breanna around.


At the dock in Phoenix NY Breanna tried to catch the big one.


The hang glider ride!!

I thought it never would stop going around!!!

Sea lions

Went to the Syracuse fair and Bree got on the picture with a couple of friendly sea lions.

New first mate

The last week we had the pleasure of having Breanna, our oldest grand daughter on board.
Had lots of funn, and did lots of stuff.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back on the boat

After several weeks at home and a trip to Europe we are back on the boat.
Breanna our oldest grand daughter is with us for a week.
The weather is not real good (Overcast) but we are having a good time.