Thursday, July 26, 2007

Docked at Miles Winery

After our bike ride we get back to the boat, and continue on our way.


Even though the trail is down hill all the way, we take time for a rest, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Buckwheat Mill in Penn Yen

Supposedly the largest Buckwheat mill in the Area.
Most of the product is exported to the middle east.

Bike trail

We bike 7.5 mile from Keuka Lake to Seneca lake. (Penn Yen to Dresden)
Keuka Lake is 400 ft higher than Seneca lake, and we are going the right way!!!! (my kind of biking)

Friday, July 20, 2007

To Seneca lake

Peter and Christine arrive on Monday July 9th.

The following day we take off to explore the finger lake region.

On our way we see a bald eagle, however just like other wildlife shots he is hard to spot in the picture.


On the 4th of July we made it to Brewerton. This is where we will store the boat for the winter. However before we but Le reve away for the winter we will explore the area around Breweton.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Other times you share the country side with bikers.

There is a bicycle path running along the edge of the canal.

Erie Canal

The Erie Canal meanders through pretty country side.

Sometimes it will run along side of I 90.

Here a picture of I 90 with a farm high up on the hill in the back ground.

Flood damage

Evidence of the flood of last year!!

Between lock 10 and 15 some of the locks saw water 10 ft higher than the top of the lock wall.

This particular lock had water as high as the middle of the windows on the first building.

The result was that lots of the earth was washed away, and had to be replaced.

Sandpiper up ahead

On our way to Amsterdam we travel with an other looper "Sandpiper"

You can see Sandpiper getting ready to enter a lock up ahead.

We are traveling up hill from Water Ford, and incline about 170 ft through the first 6 locks in less than 2 mile.


Amsterdam is our first stop after Water Ford.

The Pict. shows the highway sign for Amsterdam.

Fire works

The barge loaded with fire works was pulled in to position, and it happened to be right in front of our boat.

So we had a front row seat to watch the 4th of July fire works.

Water Ford Ny.

Water fort is the start of the Erie Canal. The day we arrived in Water Fort it was the weekend after 4th of July, and there weekend to celibrate.

They had a steam boat show and it was nearly impossible to get a spot at the free wall.
We where lucky, as one boat left just as we where ready to dock.

So we spent the night. (29th of June)