Thursday, April 5, 2007

What is this WHITE STUFF!!!

We arrived home on Monday night April 2de to temperatures of around 6to 7 degrees C. definitely colder than what we had been used to, BUT when we woke up this morning (April 5th)everything was white outside. A rude awakening!!!
Those loopers who are south of 30deg. Latitude stay where you are for a while.

Map of the Florida loop

Some people have asked us to include a map of the Florida loop, as it is difficult to identify with the various places we mention on the blog. Well here it is. You can see the out line of the loop we took scratched on the map. I hope it helps.

All in all we traveled approximately 450 nm. Had a fabulous trip, and Le reve performed beyond expectation.
I think we will keep her around for a while !

From out of town

This impressive three master sailing vessel was flying the Dutch flag.
Very nice boat

BIGGER boats!!

As we come closer to Fort Lauderdale we see the boats getting bigger as well as the homes.

Pleasure craft delivery ship

This ship is busy off loading pleasure crafts.

Port of Miami

Miami has a fairly large port. You see both ocean going freighters, as well as cruise ships. We could see the cruise ships docked from a distance the day before we transited the port, but nothing on the day of.

Big Boats

This is a picture we took of one boat that was anchored out in Biscayne Bay just before Miami.